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Welcome to TERRY TAX LLC

Our mission is to enhance the lives of people by serving and providing reliable, deadline-sensitive, and proactive services that strive to reach the highest standards for our clients.

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Meet Tia

Tia Terry is a Certified Tax Accountant, founder, and active CEO of Terry Tax LLC., a full-service tax preparation firm in Birmingham, AL for both individuals and corporations. Tia decided to turn her passion of a tax preparer into a full-time lucrative business. In her current role as CEO, she assures all clients experience superb service and builds a customer relationship with those using her tax services year after year.

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She is a well-organized individual able to keep multiple priorities in line while aiming for the best outcome for her clients. This involves, but is not limited to, preparatory work during off tax season, Bookkeeping, and frequent phone calls to clients to plan for a tax goal. Her dedication comes from the drive she has to achieve financial success and well being for her clients from their filing their tax returns. Through her strong attention to detail, active listening, accounting, and analytical skills, she is able to provide her clients with accurate and precise returns. Tia ensures she understands the needs of every single client and is there to lend a helping hand if necessary. Her desire to work closely with her clients is how Terry Tax became one of the best tax firms today. Tia is a skilled tax advisor and accountant and keeps abreast of all the tax laws in federal and state regulations, working diligently to make her clients get the most out of their money. She believes for every dollar earned, there's a well-deserved credit kept.

At Terry Tax LLC, our goal is to get the best possible outcome and refund for all taxpayers while providing quality and excellent customer service. Our team of experts deliver results and ensure a peak level of service for individuals, self-employees, and corporations. We will treat every filer with honor, respect, and integrity.
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Accurately working to ensure we are diligent and detailed, which can save you tons on your tax returns.
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